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It's a little-known fact that thousands of people who work in the entertainment industry face desperate problems each day.

Only the top 4% (* 2015 UK survey/ AC Nielson)  of those who work in the entertainment  industry, qualify as 'above-average UK earners.'

The vast majority live from 'job to job', from 'season to season' - many spending long periods with no work at all and with little ability to make any plans for their future, or to provide themselves with any security should they have an accident, or fall ill.

It's so ironic that many entertainers and those working behind the scenes in entertainment, spend much of their working-lives raising funds for other people's charities, but give little thought to their own future, security, or situation.

Whether it be as a result of old age, ill health or financial hardship, the Royal Variety Charity is here to help and we are always looking for volunteers to help in our many fundraising efforts.

If you have empathy for the entertainment industry and the hardship and sickness faced by so many who are left unable to care for themselves, please consider raising funds for the Royal Variety Charity. We will be with you every step of the way with support for your idea and you may even win a pair of tickets to this year's Royal Variety Performance!

FUNDRAISING:- If you have your own ideas for raising funds for the Royal Variety Charity, from sponsored sports actvities (sponsored tournaments, sponsored runs, sponsored climbs, sponsored walks), to putting on your own theatre show, comedy or music event, or simply helping with bucket collections at theatres and venues, please do get in touch!

See our charity's PAST EVENTS & NEWS by clicking HERE


EVENTS:- If you are an artist who can offer your services to help us raise much needed funds, or perhaps you just want to help out behind the scenes at one of our many fundraising events, please get in touch with our Events Team, by clicking here.

Usually our first recommendation, would be to set up your event on Just Giving and linking your event to our official Royal Variety Charity's Just Giving Page.

We can then give you help and support to make your event a success. You may even win tickets to this year's Royal Variety Performance!