Royal Variety Charity

The Royal Variety Charity assists those who've worked professionally in the entertainment industry and are in need of help. The charity strives to support all those, both young and old, who've worked on the stage, in the wings, in front of a camera, or behind it, as well as all those who have spent their lives working in the numerous support industries dedicated to entertainment.

The Royal Variety Charity owns and manages its own residential and nursing care home for elderly entertainers, Brinsworth House in Twickenham, and also offers a nationwide grant scheme to assist those living in their own homes wherever they reside in the UK.

It's a little-known fact that thousands of people who work in the entertainment industry face desperate problems each day. Only the top 4% (* 2019 UK survey / AC Nielson)  of those who work in the entertainment  industry are 'above-average UK earners'. The vast majority live from 'job-to-job', from 'season-to-season' -  many spending long periods with no work at all & with little ability to make any plans for their futures, or providing themselves with any security should they have an accident, or fall ill.

It's so ironic that many entertainers and those working behind the scenes in entertainment, spend much of their working lives raising funds for other people's charities, but giving little thought to their own future, security, or situation. Whether it be as a result of old age, ill health or financial hardship, the Royal Variety Charity is here to help.

The Royal Variety Charity was established in 1908 and Her Majesty The Queen was sole Patron, until her passing in 2022.

The Royal Variety Charity are the organisers and beneficiaries of the annual Royal Variety Performance... now viewed by over 152 million television viewers worldwide, making it the most successful and longest running entertainment show in the world.

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