HM The Queen's Patron's Lunch 12/6/16

24th February, 2016

The Royal Variety Charity is delighted to be supporting Her Majesty The Queen's Patron's Lunch on 12th June 2016. Chairman of the Royal Variety Charity, Giles Cooper, commented,

"I am delighted to confirm that the Royal Variety Charity will be wholeheartedly supporting the 'Patron's Lunch' on June 12th to celebrate Her Majesty's patronage of ours and many other charities, on the occasion of her 90th birthday.

The Royal Variety Charity has been honoured and privileged to have had Royal patronage from the reigning monarch since the early 20th Century, but no-one has served and supported our charity longer than Her Majesty The Queen.

The Royal Variety Charity is very much the 'entertainment industry's charity' and whilst it has constantly evolved, it has always existed as the entertainment industry 'looking after its own'. This would never have been possible without the unwavering support of continuing generations of our Royal Family and I would therefore like to thank, above all, Her Majesty The Queen, for all she has done in supporting our charity for so long.

I know I speak for not only the Management Body of this great charity, but also on behalf of the entertainment industry as a whole, when I say that Her Majesty's patronage has meant so much to so many in our industry. Her role as Patron has not only served as a focus and figurehead for all the great work we do, but her active involvement and support in attending our annual fundraiser, the Royal Variety Performance, no less than 39 times over 8 decades (1945-2012), has enabled us to raise millions of pounds for those in need in our industry.

We therefore look forward with much excitement to celebrating her patronage, together with other charities, on 12th June. I would urge everyone to get involved in supporting what I have no doubt will be a very enjoyable and memorable day."

Giles Cooper - Chairman, Royal Variety Charity


Note to editors: HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN has supported the ROYAL VARIETY CHARITY, by attending our annual fundraiser, the ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE, no less than 39 times over 8 decades, helping us to raise millions of pounds for those in need in the entertainment industry:-

No:          Year      RVP date                                    Theatre
1              1945     5th November, 1945                  Coliseum, London
2             1946     4th November, 1946                  Palladium, London
3             1947     3rd November, 1947                  Palladium, London
4             1949     7th November, 1949                  Coliseum, London
5             1952     3rd November, 1952                  Palladium, London
6             1953     2nd November, 1953                 Coliseum, London
7             1954      1st November, 1954                  Palladium, London
8             1955     13th April, 1955                           Opera House, Blackpool
9             1955     7th November, 1955                  Victoria Palace, London
10            1957     18th November, 1957                 Palladium, London
11             1958     3rd November, 1958                  Coliseum, London
12            1960      16th May, 1960                           Victoria Palace, London
13            1962      29th October, 1962                   Palladium, London
14            1964      2nd November, 1964                Palladium, London
15            1965      8th November, 1965                 Palladium, London
16            1967      13th November, 1967                Palladium, London
17            1969      10th November, 1969                Palladium, London
18            1970       9th November, 1970                Palladium, London
19            1971        15th November, 1971                Palladium, London
20           1973       26th November, 1973              Palladium, London
21            1975       10th November, 1975               Palladium, London
22           1977       21st November, 1977                Palladium, London
23           1979       26th November, 1979              Theatre Royal, London
24           1981        23rd November, 1981               Theatre Royal, London
25           1983       6th November, 1983                Theatre Royal, London
26           1985       24th November, 1985              Theatre Royal, London
27           1987        23rd November, 1987              Palladium, London
28           1989       19th November, 1989                Palladium, London
29           1990       18th July, 1990                            Palladium, London
30           1993       14th November, 1993                Dominion, London
31            1995       19th November, 1995                Dominion, London
32           1997       30th November, 1997                Victoria Palace, London
33           1999       28th November, 1999                Hippodrome, Birmingham
34           2001       25th November, 2001               Dominion, London
35           2003      24th November, 2003              Festival Theatre, Edinburgh
36           2005      21st November, 2005               Millennium Centre, Cardiff
37           2007      3rd December, 2007                 Empire, Liverpool
38           2009      3rd December, 2009                Opera House, Blackpool
39           2012*     19th November, 2012                Royal Albert Hall, London
* special centenary show

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