Constitution & Rules of Charity overhauled further!

29th January, 2016

The new Constitution & Rules of the charity which had been diligently worked on and overhauled by new Chairman Giles Cooper in consultation with Clintons Solicitors back in 2013, were further updated and refined today. They were voted on unanimously by the Executive Committee of the Royal Variety Charity, making it now the official governing document of the charity.


Prior to 2013, the Constitution & Rules were so old that, for example, the Secretary of the Charity was restricted to spending just 2 shillings per week on expenses for the Care Home!

Whilst the fundamental core principles, scope of help and vision for the charity remain unchanged, the Rules & Constitution have now been overhauled and fit for the 21st Century.

Giles Cooper commented, "It's been a huge task revolutionising a charity that has been steeped in history, tradition and old habits. The strides forward in 2013 were huge for the charity and further updates today complete my overhaul of a charity that was run very much like a family concern behind closed doors. We now have a modern Constitution that allows us to freshen our outlook, widen the scope of help and remit of support, whilst at the same time being more transparent and accountable to our donors, beneficiaries and regulatory bodies."