1945, London Coliseum

5th November, 1945

His Majesty King George VI
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
HRH Princess Elizabeth
HRH Princess Margaret

Executive Producer:  Prince Littler

Musical Directors: Reginald Burston & Van Phillips

Stage Director: Robert Nesbitt

This was billed the Victory Royal Variety Performance, coming as it did a matter of months after the end of the Second World War. Inevitably it was an occasion of patriotic celebration. A policeman on duty expressed the general feeling of excitemnet and wonder "Most of the young folks here had no idea that London could put on an event like this. This is really something like peace."

Two of the 'young folks' present that night were the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose, who joined the King and Queen at the Coliseum for their very first Royal Variety Performance. His Majesty dressed in naval uniform, and his family were given a rousing reception when they entered the Royal Box.


Roy Mitchell

Jill Manners

The Nine Avalons

Jules Adrian

Grace Spero

Beryl Kaye

Vic Oliver

Maurice Colleano

George Doonan

Will Hay

Douglas Wakefield

Chuck O'Neil

Billy Nicholls. Peter Byrne, Michael Hunt

Billy Nelson

Roy Jefferies


Sid Field

Jerry Desmonde, Stella Moya, Denise Clifford

Wilson, Keppel And Betty

Webster Booth And Anne Ziegler

Tommy Trinder

Chappie D'Amato

Van Phillips

Reginald Burston

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5th November, 1945
The Coliseum, London