1928 - London Coliseum

1st March, 1928

His Majesty King George V
Her Majesty Queen Mary

Executive Producers :                                      George Black & Val Parnell

Musical Director : Alfred Dove

For years it seemed people had been proclaiming the death of music hall and variety. The 1928 show was the one which put the lie to this. The Birmingham Evening Dispatch commented: "People who are always declaring  that the music-hall performance is dead received rather a shock if they were at the Coliseum last night to see the Royal Command show in aid of the VABF. Throughout the evening, in fact, it was proved to the hilt that there is a real demand for variety and it is humour that the audience chiefly wants." The Evening Standard wrote "The Queen always enjoys these annual variety performances more than most theatrical events and last night she laughed unrestrainedly at the mirth of what some people call the dying variety profession. For these few hours at least variety was very much alive!"

Host and Performers

Larry Kemble

Stanelli & Douglas

The Victoria Girls

A.C. Astor

Lillian Burgiss

Noni & Horace

Victor Andre

Clarkson Rose

Anton Dolin

Gracie Fields

Will Hay

Jack Hylton and His Band

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28th February, 1928
The Coliseum, London